“Since using TLC Naturale my eyes are much more comfortable and don’t feel as dry during the day” – SD

“I have Sjogren’s disease have not been able to read in years because my eyes are so dry. After using TLC Naturale at night for one week, my eyes feel much better and I am finally able to read again. I feel this is a true miracle and I have been telling all my friends about TLC Naturale!” – PS

“My eye doctor has been after me for years to get my blepharitis under control. No matter what I would do, it did not seem to help. I started doing warm compresses and using the TLC Naturale ointment at night and now I do not wake up with the crusty eyes in the morning. At my last visit to the eye doctor, I was told that my blepharitis was under control and looking the best it has been in years.” – KB

“My sister loves this product so much that she sent me some to try. I live in Hawaii and spend a lot of time outdoors. Because it is always hot over here, my eyes are always dry yet water all the time. The TLC Naturale has made my eyes feel much better and they are not constantly tearing as they were before. I am thankful for TLC Naturale and for my sister sending some for me to try!” – RM

“I haven’t always been good about taking my makeup off at night. This has caused me to have blepharitis so bad that some of my eyelashes have fallen out. Since doing the warm compresses and using the TLC Naturale at night, my eyes feel much better, my eyelashes are growing back and I finally think I have this situation under control. Thank you TLC Naturale!” – JM

“I wear contact lenses and my eyes feel really bad after a long day. I used to dread putting them in the next morning. Since using TLC Naturale at bedtime, my eyes seem to tolerate the contact lenses all day long.” – SK

“What can I say other than I am VERY HAPPY that my eyes feel the best they have in years ! Thank you TLC Naturale! – LH